In THYMIAN’s songs Josip Tijan builds a portal to his inner world, in which he invites you to dance and dream. As a travel guide, he talks obscurely about his experiences.      

While in his debut EP «THYMIAN», which was released in 2019, topics of change were the main theme. In his debut album the musician deals with his fears and thoughts and dares to explore his inner world more closely. "Rhythm of Doubt" describes the phenomenon of paralysis through analysis. Each song on the album explores a vicious cycle of thought in which the artist was trapped. The album was released in July 2021 through Young and Cold Records.

“Landmarks – A Cover Collection” released in March 2022 is an homage to a selection of THYMIAN’s favourite songs which inspired him in his own musical endeavours.

Playing a brand of New Wave / Post Punk, the multi-instrumentalist from Zurich is influenced by bands such as Gold Class, Drab Majesty or the electro pop legends Depeche Mode. His harmonious baritone singing, the driving bass lines and reverb-laden guitar melodies are just a few of the trademarks that draw parallels to past times and are timeless at the same time.


    07.02.20                          Photobastei, Zürich
    19.02.20                          Zukunft, Zürich
    17.03.20                          Nordbrücke, Zürich
    14.08.21                          Musikfestwochen, Winterthur
    28.08.21                          Dynamo, Zürich
    14.11.21                            Gaswerk, Winterthur   
    04.12.21                           Sounds from the Heart w/Minuit Machine
    19.03.22                          Sudhaus, Basel
    20.03.22                         Albani, Winterthur
    26.03.22                         M4Music Festival, Zürich
    18.06.22                          Werkk, Baden
    22.06.22                          Bogen F w/The KVB, Zürich
    21.07.22                           Sommerkonzerte Bäckeranlage, Zürich
    30.07.22                          Losing Touch Festival, Augsburg (DE)