THYMIAN effortlessly blends 80s New Wave and modern synth-pop. With recurring themes such as doubt, change, and fears, he uses his work as self-therapy to actively challenge stigmas.     

While in his debut EP «THYMIAN», which was released in 2019, topics of change were the main theme. In his debut album tho, the musician deals with his fears and thoughts and dares to explore his inner world more closely. "Rhythm of Doubt" describes the phenomenon of paralysis through analysis. 

“Landmarks – A Cover Collection” released in March 2022 is an homage to a selection of THYMIAN’s favourite songs which inspired him in his own musical endeavours.

The second EP "White Knuckled", released on vinyl by Young&Cold Records, is the long-awaited response to the debut album "Rhythm of Doubt". The characteristic melancholic mood is now joined by 80s synth-pop and a touch of new romantic.



07.02.20    Photobastei, Zürich
19.02.20    Zukunft, Zürich
17.03.20    Nordbrücke, Zürich
14.08.21    Musikfestwochen, Winterthur
28.08.21    Dynamo, Zürich
14.11.21    Gaswerk, Winterthur
04.12.21    Sounds from the Heart w/Minuit Machine
19.03.22    Sudhaus, Basel
20.03.22    Albani, Winterthur
26.03.22    M4Music Festival, Zürich
18.06.22    Werkk, Baden
22.06.22    Bogen F w/The KVB, Zürich
21.07.22    Sommerkonzerte Bäckeranlage, Zürich
30.07.22    Losing Touch Festival, Augsburg (DE)
27.08.22    Rampe Openair, Hausen am Albis
07.09.22    Docks, Lausanne w/She Wants Revenge
22.10.22    Monitor Festival, Leiria (PT)
12.11.22    Bruch Brothers, Luzern
23.11.22    Bogen F, Zürich w/PVA
25.11.22    Atomic Cafe, Biel
09.12.22    Brauerei Oerlikon, Zürich
15.12.22    Slow Club, Freiburg (DE)
02.03.23    Waxy Bar, Zürich
01.07.23    Gleis 21, Dietikon
04.09.23    Portier, Winterthur
06.10.23    helsinki, Zürich w/Donkey Kid
11.10.23    Bierhübeli, Bern w/Trentemøller
07.12.23    hund bar, zürich
15.12.23    dark disco festival, winterthur
23.02.24    Glocksee, Hannover
18.03.24    DYNAMO, Zürich w/the clockworks
29.03.24    exil, zürich w/lalalar
13.04.24    nordbrücke, zürich w/tamara qaddoumI
07.05.24    Sedel, Luzern w/Fotocrime